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Drinks Delivery to your Door

Healthy drinks, smoothies, coffee and juice delivered straight to you.
Healthy drinks, smoothies, coffee and juice delivered straight to you.

What Does Our Drinks Delivery Offer?

At Youfoodz, we have an extensive selection of delicious healthy drinks to go alongside our delicious ready meal Meal Plans. From delicious green juices to help you get that vitamin boost, to coffee for that energy hit, we have something for every time of day in our selection. All you have to do is choose from our drinks, and select them as add-ons to your weekly meal delivery. It really is that simple!

<h2>Youjuice Drinks</h2>

Youjuice Drinks

Our Youjuice drinks are the easiest way to get in your five a day. Made with a concentration of Australian fruits and vegetables, all of our Youjuice drinks contain no preservatives, so they're perfect for those following a healthy balanced diet. Included in our selection of Youjuice drinks are our Give Me Greens Smoothie Pack, Berry Bliss Smoothie Pack and our Paradise Punch Pack to name a few. Our drinks are perfect for enjoying alongside breakfast on a morning, or pairing with our High Protein Ready Meals and Low Calorie Ready Meals for an extra hit of nutrition. We’re a juice and smoothie delivery you can rely on.
Coffee Delivery

Coffee Delivery

Can’t wake up without your coffee hit in the morning? We understand. We have a selection of cold coffee drinks to give you that caffeine hit and energise you for the day. Our coffee selection contains our Iced Mocha Latte Pack, Iced Caramel Latte Pack and our Mixed Coffee Pack. Not only are our coffee packs tasty, they’re also great value for money and easy to grab out of the fridge if you’re in a rush in the morning. Choosing one of our coffee packs means that you can say goodbye to buying overpriced coffees on the way to the office, but still have an enjoyable caffeine drink to set you up for the day. Not only this, but our coffee is made with creamy oat milk, too, so they’re perfect if you’re Vegetarian or dairy free.
 <h2>Health Shots</h2>

Health Shots

Health shots are a great way to start your day. Energising, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting and delicious. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But these little bottles of goodness can actually do wonders for the body. Not only this, but they’re also an excellent way to set up healthy habits by enjoying one every morning when you wake up. It helps that they’re tasty, too. You can choose from a selection of health shots and drinks to add on to your ready meal delivery, including the Collagen Boosta Pack which boasts amazing skin benefits and our Multivitamin Boosta Pack full of immune boosting ingredients.