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Diet Meal Delivery

Eating the right things, and the right calories can be difficult, especially if you’re cooking for a big family or always on the go. That’s where Youfoodz comes in. We specialise in delivering pre-cooked, pre-prepared and pre-portioned ready meals straight to your door, packed full of all the nutrients you need to keep you full and satisfied throughout the day. Not only can you purchase easy to heat ready meals that are easy to fit into your calorie intake for the day, but you can also get them delivered straight to your door, taking out all of the time and effort of going to the supermarket and prepping food for the week. Our delivery areas vary all over Australia, why not start your subscription today?

<h2>Diet Meal Plan</h2>

Diet Meal Plan

At Youfoodz, it’s easy to make a diet meal plan with any of our low calorie and high protein meals that are super easy to fit into your individual calorie intake for the day. This is great if you’re looking to lose a bit of weight, make a lifestyle change or build muscle in the gym. That’s the beauty of Youfoodz, we have a meal plan to suit a variety of diets and lifestyles.
Not only this, but we believe that diet meals should never be plain, boring or restrictive, as we actively want to avoid the toxic stereotype that surrounds diet culture. Instead, we encourage our customers to fuel their bodies with the nutrients that they need to slowly, but surely meet any diet goals they want by incorporating our delicious meals into their everyday life.
<h2>Vegetarian and Flexitarian Diet Meals</h2>

Vegetarian and Flexitarian Diet Meals

We have diet meals available for a range of dietary requirements, including vegetarian and flexitarian. Designed by our dietitian and made in-house by our chefs, all of our flexitarian and vegetarian meals are mindfully made to provide you with all the fuel you need throughout the day. Some of our favourite vegetarian meals include this delicious and creamy Cheese and Mushroom Tortellini that has only 491 calories and over 17g of protein, making it perfect for enjoying on a calorie controlled diet. Another one of our meals which is a great lunch choice for vegetarians who are currently making a lifestyle change is our Lentil Lasagne. Packed full of goodness and coming in at under 400 calories, it’s perfect for those who work late, or in the office, who still want to fit in a good, hearty meal and meet their fitness goals at the same time.
<h2>The Benefits of Using Youfoodz as Diet Meals</h2>

The Benefits of Using Youfoodz as Diet Meals

Youfoodz is an easy way to eat in a calorie deficit, get in as much protein as you need and enjoy delicious meals everyday without having to do any of the prepping yourself. One of the hardest things about changing up your lifestyle is knowing exactly how much to eat and what to put in your body in order to see results, so by choosing a weekly meal plan subscription with us all you need to do is choose your meals from our weekly menu and wait for them to be delivered to your door. For diet meals delivered with a difference, choose Youfoodz today.

Youfoodz Diet Meals FAQ’s

Want to know more information on our diet meals? Check out some commonly asked questions below.

Do I have to be in a lifestyle change to eat low calorie or diet meals from Youfoodz?

No, not at all! Youfoodz can be enjoyed by anyone at any time. They’re even perfect for busy families who struggle to eat the things they need throughout the day. All you have to do is reheat them at the end of a long day and enjoy.
Can I choose a selection of both vegetarian and meat diet meals?
Of course, the beauty of a Youfoodz subscription is that you can really tailor it to you, it’s also why we have our flexitarian meal plan in place. Once you have chosen your plan, you can choose all the meals that take your fancy that week. With so many vegetarian and meat options that are wildly loved by our customers, you will be spoiled for choice.