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Are Frozen Meals Healthy?

The stigma that surrounds frozen meals is often that they’re full of salt or that they have no nutritional value. And, while that is true for a lot of supermarket frozen meals, Youfoodz offers a healthy alternative that is freshly prepared and nutritionally balanced, yet gets delivered straight to your door and provides you with the exact same convenience as a generic frozen meal would. In addition to this, although Youfoodz meals are specially packed by our chefs to last as long as possible, if you are not going to eat them before the expiry date, or have plans that mean you have to skip a meal, you can pop them in the freezer and enjoy them when you need to.

Can You Freeze Youfoodz Meals?

Can You Freeze Youfoodz Meals?

Although our ready made meals are made and delivered fresh thanks to the dedication of our in-house chefs, they can actually be frozen and enjoyed whenever you like, as long as you defrost and consume them safely. You can choose from a huge selection of meals, from high protein and low calorie, to flexitarian and vegetarian, all you have to do is choose from one of our meal plans, then select your meals from our weekly menu.
Frozen Meal Delivery

Frozen Meal Delivery

All of our meals are delivered straight to your door and our delivery areas range all over Australia, from Sydney to Brisbane. If you receive your meals in a week you find yourself with dinner plans, or you skip a meal, you can pop your meal in the freezer and enjoy it at a later date. Our meals are nutritionally balanced and healthy, so you really can’t get better in a supermarket, where ready meals often have no nutritional value and a high sodium content. Not only this, but our meals are packed so compactly to stay fresh, it makes them the perfect size to pop into the freezer. Why not try one of our meal plans today.

Frozen Meal FAQs

Can you cook frozen meals in the air fryer?
To cook frozen meals in an air fryer, first, preheat the air fryer. Then, place the frozen meal in the air fryer basket or tray in a single layer. Set the temperature and cooking time according to the meal's packaging or your air fryer's settings, adjusting as needed. Halfway through cooking, shake the basket or flip the food for even crisping. Once done, carefully remove the meal from the air fryer. Always follow the specific instructions provided by the air fryer manufacturer and the frozen meal packaging for the best results.
Are frozen meals bad for you?
A lot of frozen meals can be considered 'bad' for your health, it completely depends on the nutritional content. Our meals can be frozen while they are still fresh, preserving their nutritional value and keeping you fuelled with the right things your body needs.
Do frozen meals expire?
Yes, frozen meals do have expiration dates. While freezing can significantly extend the shelf life of food by slowing down the growth of bacteria, yeast, and mould, frozen meals can still expire over time.The expiration date or "best by" date is typically printed on the packaging of the frozen meal. It's important to check this date before consuming the meal. Eating a frozen meal past its expiration date can potentially lead to food born illness or a decrease in quality, such as changes in taste, texture, and nutritional value.