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Are Frozen Meals Healthy?

The stigma that surrounds frozen meals is often that they’re full of salt or that they have no nutritional value. And, while that is true for a lot of supermarket frozen meals, Youfoodz offers a healthy alternative that is freshly prepared and nutritionally balanced, yet gets delivered straight to your door and provides you with the exact same convenience as a generic frozen meal would. In addition to this, although Youfoodz meals are specially packed by our chefs to last as long as possible, if you are not going to eat them before the expiry date, or have plans that mean you have to skip a meal, you can pop them in the freezer and enjoy them when you need to.

<h2>Frozen Healthy Meals</h2>

Frozen Healthy Meals

Forget unhealthy frozen meals with no nutritional value and hello to convenient ready meals that you can enjoy fresh in as little as two minutes, or freeze until you are ready to eat. At Youfoodz, we wanted to make convenience food with a difference. That’s why we took all the convenience of frozen meals and developed fresh ready meals that you can enjoy delivered straight to your door each week. Choose from delicious and warming meals such as our hearty Beef Lasagne and Creamy Chicken Carbonara that leave you feeling full and nourished, without that sluggish feeling you often encounter after eating some frozen meals.
<h2> Low Calorie Frozen Meals</h2>

Low Calorie Frozen Meals

Low calorie frozen meals can be hard to come by, especially in supermarkets as they are not usually marketed towards people who are trying to lose weight or on a fitness journey. That’s what makes Youfoodz’ attitude to convenience meals so refreshing. Our low calorie meals are prepared fresh by our chefs each week, packed for optimum freshness and delivered straight to your door. Although they are delivered fresh, they’re perfect for freezing and enjoying at a later date, too. Our low calorie meals aren’t boring either. You can choose from delicious meals such like our Creamy Garlic Chicken Kyiv.
<h2>High Protein Frozen Meals</h2>

High Protein Frozen Meals

Whether you’re a tradie who is always on the go, or a busy student, eating enough protein can be difficult, especially when surviving off convenience meals. Not only this, but frozen meals don’t usually put a focus on their protein content. At Youfoodz, we understand the importance of incorporating high protein meals into your diet. All of our meals are developed fresh each week, without the need for extra additives and preservatives, so if you do choose to freeze and enjoy your meals at a later date, it will taste just as fresh as the day we packed it. Our high protein meals pack over 30g of protein and help fuel your fitness goals and make sure you stay full throughout the day. Some of our favourite high protein meals include Chargrilled Chicken and our fakeaway favourite Fried Chicken and Gravy.
<h2>Vegetarian Frozen Meals</h2>

Vegetarian Frozen Meals

Looking for vegetarian frozen meals?. Youfoodz has a better, healthier and even more convenient option. All of our vegetarian and plant based meals are packed full of flavour, nutrients and fresh vegetables, then delivered straight to your door each week without any fuss. Despite our vegetarian and vegan meals being prepared fresh each week, they can be frozen too, then enjoyed at a later date.

Want to know more about what vegetarian and meals you can enjoy? Our Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni is super tasty and filling, while our Loaded Lentil Lasagne is a delicious and creamy take on the original. For tasty vegetarian frozen meals, look no further than Youfoodz.